Shakespeare Im Not

by Samuel De Lemos



We own our own
prejudices, if we
are smart, we learn
to dispel them.

One by one.

I never met my
Grandpa on
either side.

What I received
was orally
transmitted, anecdotes

Of particular note,
One of my Grandpa’s
on my mothers side.

Apparently, he was
a poet whose work
does not survive.

Recently, my
Mothers lack of
allure in poetry
was tested.

When I read her one of mine.

I know she’s read Dante,
more for the context, than
the prose. I saw that book
being read by her while
growing up around the home.

Even so, when I told her
I was writing poetry
her remark was,
“I don’t like poetry”.

I responded,
“I know your prejudice
against poems, Mom”
“But, I think you’re going
to like this one”

“I’m not Shakespeare”, I

I read her my little
poem I wrote about
our exodus from Spain.

At the end of the poem,
convulsing, with tears
running down her eyes
she said,

“I love that one”