My Words

Understanding the World through words

The Last Rose

I want to mention you my crimson love,

You’re resilience is not overlooked!

Yes, I’ve notice your beauty, proud

standing tall amongst the shrubs.

Parading your beauty, the

final one in these cold days.

I’d given up on seeing anymore roses

this season, until you proved

me wrong. I wanted to remember

you, but when I came back you

were gone. Someone decided your

beauty was theirs for the taking.

Now, all I can do is remember you

in this elegy. You were the final one.

It’s Raining


It’s raining outside
And the window
Is fogy and damp.

Sounds like a million
Drums are
Striking at once.

It’s deafening,
The pluvial music
Brings a certain
Spiritual calm,

Dampening all the
Needless noise that
Travels through my head.

I love the sound of rain.
I relax—as it puts my
Mind to rest.

When I hear the

I want to curl up in a
warm blanket

Open up my
Favorite book and
Read where I last left