Back Nine


I’m turning 50,
I’m reminded of a half.

Half of a life span,
half of one hundred.

I’m privileged to have
lived as long as I have.

Many in my generation
died before they reached

Even the following
generation there are
so many that are already gone.

With wars and diseases
claiming it calamitous toll.

I told my wife
it’s time to play
the back nine.

On the front nine,
one hopefully learns
patience, endurance, and the
things that matter in life.

The love of family and friends.
Perseverance and making
every move count.

You learn that time is fleeting
and that every word matters.
You learn to hopefully
say things correctly.

There are
endless possibilities
playing on the back nine,

Like a well stocked

Bookmarked between
Homer and Aristotle.

Half of what’s found
there would keep me
busy all my life.

If I had a plea,
If I could ask this
of my Lord, it’s to
to see my
children’s children,

What a privilege
that would be.