by Samuel De Lemos


I remember one day
I was called to
patch a garage.

With charm
I introduced my self,
“How do you do mam?”
as I shook her hand.

After the greetings
were said and done,
I was escorted through
her house.

On my way
to the garage
I saw an old photo
of a Marine on top
of her TV.

I mentioned that I’d
been a Marine too.
She told me her husband
had been in the War.
And, that he had passed

“I’m sorry to hear
that” then I proceeded
to asked her,
“which campaign
did he fight in?”

she replied that
he fought on

“I still have
some letters and
a chest he brought

“Would you like
to see them?”
she said.

“Please” was
my reply.

I was
ecstatic to
touch them.

Letters from
the war.
Written by
a Marine
who had
fought on

the first
of many

It was on
Marines had
turned back
the tide.

“This is the chest
he brought home”
she said.

It was a typical
Marine footlocker
painted in olive
green, with the
markings of the
Division he
fought with.

“You can have it
if you’d like”

“It’s just taking
up space”
she said.

“I’d love to have
It” and
“Thank you”
was my reply.

It means a
lot to me,
to own a
a piece of

A Marine
that’s been
on that bloody
Pacific island
in the sea.