by Samuel De Lemos


Looking down
from a bridge
as the tide
sucks itself

Feeling panicked-
this far inland
only means one
ominous thing.

As I scan the horizon
I see the inevitable,
a tidal wave building
itself up.

In the midst of shouts
and fear, my immediate
reaction is to run. Run
as far as I can.

I head for higher ground.

Calculating, a quick
trigonometric formula
of height times distance
so as to know how far up
I should be. I make myself
up a steel ladder, in search
of certain

I’m led to a safe room, a
modern building impervious
to massive waves.

As, the tsunami thunders down
leaving a path of destruction
seldom found.

The owner of the room is
Japanese, she’s kind and
with charity tries to
calm me down.

I’m inconsolable my
faith is lagging
I’m scared-what will
happen to my family?

I hear a voice, I must
have faith in the midst
of legions. Faith for the
safety of my wife and my

How can one have faith
in the midst of total

My faith has been tried,
when I woke up
I question and ask
what does this mean?

A warning of things
to come?