Eagle, Globe And Anchor

by Samuel De Lemos


Eagle, globe and Anchor
symbol of the American
fighting Spirit.

The-Esprit de Corps.

Earned by every member
who has gone through
the gauntlet of indoctrination
at San Diego or the
marshes of
Paris Island on the
Eastern shore.

1775 the day of
its inception-
not a finer military
has been birthed.

From the halls of
to the streets of
Fallujah, the battle
is taken to the enemy
full bore.

We remember the fallen
who died not in vain.
Marines who fought in
the trenches of Belleau
Woods, Wake Island and

Men and women who have
pledged their lives to
protect us from those
who hate our American
way of life.

They fight our Country’s
battles on the air, land and the sea.

We owe them a debt of gratitude.

Thank you US Marines!