Fiery Torá

by Samuel De Lemos


Moses was chosen to lead
the herds of God.
In captivity they were
stuck-being foretold.

As an emissary
he found himself between
The Rock and the hard
faces of his people.

Mighty works they witnessed-
as God delivered…
For all involved the
drama did visually unfold.

Pharo relented, after death
his house visited. He let
the people of God
begrudgingly go.

Off they went on a journey.
little about it did they know
that their little walk
was to forever change
the course
of life.

On Sinai God spoke
through his fiery angels
the Eternal Laws.
All witnessed the mountain
on fire, the smoke and
thunder-they were frightened,
too much melodrama
unfolded that appointed day.

On this Shavuot-
we study this event
with family and friends
as it is said-we
witnessed it too.