Golden Bracelet

by Samuel De Lemos


My wife and I are celebrating

fifteen years of marriage.

When we first met I couldn’t

breathe with out her.

She gave me a photo of

herself-I carried it

everywhere and sneaked peaks

once in a while at work-

with a deep sigh I’d

put it back into my breast

pocket. I was tormented by

love. As soon as my day was

over I’d call her and listen

to hear her voice, it was

sappy-cheesy love.

I bought her a wedding ring

at the time I was a teacher

and barely had enough.

I couldn’t let her go, so in

debt I went. I’ll never

regret it, if I could buy

her the moon, I would.

She was my Penelope and I was

on my Odyssey…Words do no

justice to what I deeply

felt. When we tied the knot

and promised our undying love

a million times yes-was said

only once. I was sick with

love! One solemn day she lost

her diamond-the sign of our

commitment. She was

understandably distraught. I

told her not to fret,

diamonds are temporary reminders.

During Valentines Day

we pledged to commit once

more how we previously felt.

I bought her a beautiful

diamond ring and she bought

me a golden bracelet.