Camping III

by Samuel De Lemos

To say that it’s not glorious being in the wilderness enjoying the sounds and voices of nature would be a crime. Caswell National Park is surrounded by farm lands so in the morning you can hear the cows mooing and turkeys gobbling, woodpeckers, larks and other melodious music makers.

Though earlier the morning serenade was interrupted by unrhythmic sounds of wood hacking. It was an obscene noise that sounded as if it was right outside my camper window. The idiot chopping wood was making such a disturbing racket that it took every ounce of my patience not to get up and tell him to stop.

I could tell by his strokes that that this was a novice at chopping wood. Then all of sudden, I hear my daughter Miriam yell out, “Yishai stop cutting wood, we’re trying to rest.”

That couldn’t have been my son being so inconsiderate right?
Sure enough and as the sun comes up every morning, it was.

I got up to scold these miscreants but they had already fled the scene. Coming back from the campground lavatory I meet up with the guilty party Moshe, Moshe’s friend Justin and the youngest Yishai who is nine. I let in on Moshe about being more considerate not only of your parents, but the rest of the campground-who do not want wish to be disturbed by loud wood chopping in the morning.

I told Yishai that his behavior was inconsiderate and that all of the boys are banished from the campsite for half an hour. Just like God banished Miriam for usurping Moses’ authority, otherwise known as using bad judgement, they too were to be banished! They all left with their heads hanging low.

Such unbelievable lack of judgement, oh well-kids will be kids.

Justin, Moshe’s friend is an orphan who’s parents died, his father was Hindu and his mother Greek. My son befriended him and they’ve been inseparable since. We’ve sort of adopted him and he’s with us often on our family outings. He lives with his aunt and grandmother in the country. Justin is a very nice kid and proper.

Soon the banished boys came back to the campsite apologizing and are now happily playing and swinging on the hammock, and yes, hacking wood for tonight’s fire.