Love Sonnet-Love Birds

by Samuel De Lemos


I love you, your eyes-they are like topazes shimmering in the moonlit sky.

Your lips similar to ripe pomegranates fleshly red when parted and deliciously sweet when kissed.

A million men couldn’t convince me otherwise your delicate touch-flesh on my skin is irresistible and impossible to resist.

Your countenance I hold in my chest-a secret vault of memories I’ve cataloged like a library of rare books so priceless and dear.

When I see your form, I stagger like an intoxicated man on the vines of love.

I’ve seen the love of birds on a single branch, fluttering and moving closer and closer but can’t- though they try and die trying-to be one.

I crave that proximity with you-my love, my dearest one, my quest is to die trying to get closer to you too!