My Love I Have Found

by Samuel De Lemos


Truth be told love is difficult to be found…

I fervently prayed that one glorious day-God would bless me and find Me the mate of my soul.

On that anticipated day
From afar I saw her smile
as the heavens lit up-
And, I knew we were to be wed.

I introduced myself and asked
Her to accompany me on a warm
Picnic day. She said, “yes” to my humble invitation and we met at an undisclosed place.

With love in my eyes and passion at my side I proposed to her my undying love.

her eyes sparkled as we saw in each other a future-a life
of beautiful love spent side-by-side.

Oh, my love I have found!

Words fail me to describe my
Sweetest love her beauty I carry inside.

The way that she smiles and her passion for life makes it all worth living my life.

my love is truly my friend who I can trust with the most
intimate and secret details.

I’m vulnerable with her she knows that I care about the
Little world we patiently made.

How can I, after such incredible luck ever deny-the existence of God? The crown he gave me is my lover in life, it makes my days seem easy.

I can’t see anyone else who will ever take her place,


Oh, my love I have found thee!