Morning Brew

by Samuel De Lemos


What makes me sparkle at dawn?
What causes me to to feel better
after my slumber is done?

A freshly brewed cup of Joe-
gives off
such a arousing aroma…
it makes most morning-noises
suddenly subside.

There’s something about these
precious roasted beans-
dark embered gems-when
crushed and placed in
boiling water it creates
ecstatic feelings.

It reminds me
of camping-spending time
with good friends. In many ways
its relaxing the more I sip in.

I feel adept in
preparing a morning brew,
I French press it,
percolate it,
I even prepare it-the way
the Turks do.

When I feel more exotic…
I get fancy and add a pinch of cardamon-
which magically transforms
a regular cup
into an Arabic one.

Coffee makes things tolerable
and brings joy to my busy and chaotic world.
That fresh simmering cup in the morn-
I savor till the very last drop is done.