Bend, Oregon Luscious

by Samuel De Lemos


Purple mountain tops
Covered in twenty-five shades
Of snow.

Lakes as blue as crystal.
Waterfalls so icy and clean–
Rivers with one million meanings.

Air that lets your lungs
Know that you love yourself.
When you breath–
You breath the America,
That used to be.

During summer so tasty,
Prancing down the Deschutes,
In inflatables while getting
Ring-finger tans.

Winters are classic
Nordic delights.
With one thousand and one
Ways to play
In the follicles of ice.

The buttes like
The city high on
Desert nights.

An Oregon that bends,
Bends, bends,
Like a crooked river–
With capricious sisters
Gazing from afar
Towards an erect bachelor:

Perpetual phallic symbol
That overlooks
Our luscious city.