I Remember

by Samuel De Lemos


I remember-the 70’s in all it’s glory

I remember-Frampton and playing the album at my friends house
For hours. Sitting around the record player, pretending we were there.

I remember 8-track cassettes I inherited from my brother, The Who’s Qdadraphenia, Led Zeppelin and Santana’s Black Magic Woman.

I remember-watching the Vietnam war from reels in my classroom, my teacher played them for us and had to explained why the soldiers were firing artillery shells in their white skivvies at the enemy we could not see.

I remember-Nixon and the watergate scandal while lying on the carpet on our living room floor-it was covered by Tom Brokaw on the Nightly News.

I remember-going to my friends birthday wearing a tan polyester suit, my hair parted in the middle, listening to-Silly Little Love Songs, from Paul McCarthy and the Wings.

I remember-flying Pan Am landing in Guatemala. Then taking a car ride through the jungles of Peten. Climbed the Great Jaguar temple the Mayans built, they built a stone calendar with the number zero. They built monuments as if they were going to live forever!

I remember-coming back to the States completely changed, I left innocent, I came back older and introspective.

I remember-my first kiss and the butterflies I felt when I saw her

I remember-warm California summers we danced to the Beach Boys, barefoot on warm sidewalks and playing tether ball till dusk.

I remember-riding my Schwinn bike with my friends scooting around our neighborhood in Campbell, pretending we were the Hells Angels.

I remember-when Bruce Lee died, I went to see, Return of the Dragon 5 more times.

I remember-driving in my dad’s white pickup truck, coming home from the park listening to the AM radio the Jackson Five were on.

I remember-Creature Features on channel 2 and staying up late to watch the ghouls.

I remember.