For María Rosa Menoçal

by Samuel De Lemos


Teacher you
Spent a lifetime
devoted to learning
Separating yourself
From the rest;

Languages and
History, the
Lyrical things
of life you knew best…

Binding humanity
cohesively together-like a
It now makes

Sparring with academics
who ride a different stride
Your sagacious words shown
Your approach was a quest!

History will
include ideas you
left behind. Your words
are a legacy of a culture
left unnoticed-until you
Picked up the pieces
overlooked by many.
And, magically
in the intellectual world
you’re noticed!?

Though I never
sat in your classroom…

In my heart your wisdom
will never die.

Thank you for your devotion
Thank you for your perseverance
Thank you for persistence
Thank you for sticking around.
Thank you for making your presence known.
And, thank you for making your words