Who Are The Poets?

by Samuel De Lemos


Who are the poets?
The fanciful bards,
who tell us the truth isn’t
so terribly hard…

The world needs poets
to tells us, what they see
or what they hear,
in order to be perfectly clear.

Moving a generation with their
Words should be elegantly done.
Remember, the prophets of old,
where have they all gone?

Like poets they spoke difficult
Yet fanciful words to the
most ostentatious of crowds.
I have called you to be a
spokesman for the evil that
is, in my people, always found.

What do you see prophet/poet?

We should not be poets with
only sad tidings. Clearly words
of beauty can be expressed which
are impacting and profound.

Thus, the voice of our
generation must be sought
and forthwith found.

Everything must be considered
the good and the ugly and this
must be transmitted in words,
with the utmost clarity.

Poets only need, speak the truth.
In what they see or what they hear,
as righteously as can be.
For a generation to have a voice.
And then a true identity.