Books Are My Friends

by Samuel De Lemos


While driving home one sunny day
I thought to myself, I’m devoid of friends…
Besides my family whom I cherish.

Growing up I made a few good friends.
They’re all grown up like me,
with their respective families.
We all live distant from each other now,
occasionally, there are phone calls I randomly receive.

Thinking much harder, I remembered,
I’m bookish, interested in other things.
My wife often complains
that I isolate.
You know,
I think she’s right.

I’m privileged to own many books,
they are my true blue companions.
I invest in words as often as I can.
I’ve done this since my youthful days.
Having books become my honored friends.

Bookstores are a welcomed site.
I like them all, especially the tiny ones.
They are so intimate.
I enjoy walking through the aisles looking,
for my new best friend.

© Copyright 2013 Samuel De Lemos